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Date: 22nd November 2013
3 Photo Booth Tips and Tricks that are a must-try at any Event

Wondering how to make your event like a birthday or a wedding fun for each and every guest? If your answer is yes, then you must definitely try and get a photo booth at any cost. However, simply getting a photo booth in Brisbane or any other part of the country for that matter isn’t sufficient. What you must also do is to follow certain tips and tricks, to make the most of them. Here are some tips and tricks, which you must try out:

Get a Photobooth

• Personalise the photo booth by adding props of your choice. There are numerous props available on the market. However, you can get creative and also think of creative props that you can find in your house itself.

• Attach a portable photo printer to the camera so that the guests can take away the memories with them in the form of photos. You can also provide them with photo editing software so that they can also modify their photos and have more fun.

• Just like keeping different props in the booth, you can also keep a trunk full of quirky costumes, dresses, hats and other such stuff. If you are having a theme based party, then it will be all the easier for you to arrange for costumes that are in sync with your theme!

So, keep these tips and tricks in mind when you think about photo booth hire Brisbane. Happy clicking!

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